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This is a website ran by Heretics, a huge Serial Experiments Lain fan and, a crazy shizo who can hear the voices of god, the strongest soldier assigned by the military to protect Dr.Facui(Apart of Dr.Fauci's death squads) and unfortunately the retard who created this site and done that job very badly, this website sucks, but is a WIP and should soon become better, and maybe even the best website in the entire world.

^ Heretics


As of right now there is no purpose for why this website should exist. but my plan for this site in the future is to make a webring for websites which either is about Serial Experiments Lain or has imagery or themes from the show and generally just cool websites, and a personal blog for me to post stupid little notes about my virtual insanity and derodding mental state.


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(As of right now both sites are not finished)